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BenchTube celebrating over 500,000 views!



I am proud to announce that Ganoksin’s BenchTube is celebrating over
500,000 video views in the first year of operation!!

BenchTube is Ganoksin video sharing area for jewelers and

If you want your work to be seen far and wide - We warmly invite you
to post YOUR OWN videos on the BenchTube!!

Participation is absolutely free!

For a better Orchid!


Congratulations Hanuman !

Thank you again for all the trouble and work you take for letting
this happen. It’s farmost the only worldwide open source (I know of)
for jewellers to learn, enjoy and see how work in this area is done.

Also thank you for all the craftsmen who are generously showing
inside bench tricks and recommendations on how to do excellent jobs.

Have fun and enjoy your day.




you have reached an audience all over the world - of the trade and

you should be proud - many people, working in isolated shops, or in
groups of 2 or 3, use your site to learn, row and feel as part of
the larger world around them.

good job!

Mark Zirinsky, Denver



Thank you so much for all your hard work to keep this site so active
and worthwhile! And also to those who contribute as well!



There is NO doubt, Orchid ROCKS!! Thanks Hanuman & Ton for the good
work you do. Thanks to Charles L-B for your innovation and ongoing
support. Judy in Kansas, where leaves are turning and the garden is
slowing down. Just found a baby box terrapin while cleaning the
garden. I think he will over-winter inside this year in the hope he
will survive.