[BenchTube] Bright-Cutting (Parts 1-6)

Hi everyone!

I’ve just finished filming 6 video’s just on one topic, the topic is


On the first of the 6 videos, I explain how important it is to have
the right size of burs & the correct type of a graver.

I’m into modifying any of the tools I can get to use, Onglete
gravers are my specialty, I explain this in the greatest of detail.
I am in the process of downloading my video’s & they should be ready
for you to view by tomorrow night (Monday).

Here are some ‘before & after’ pictures of some of the items I was
working on.

Gerry Lewy

Hey Gerry My father was a professional diamond setter from NY, as
was his father. He taught me as a teen bead setting. Wow! I was
taught wrong. Your way is so much better. Bright cut first (I did it
last) and you don’t have to raise beads.

Good Job

“Raising beads first”, is now almost outdated!..But sadly, some
setters still use that method. The ongoing problem is that
’bead-setting first ’ doesn’t allow you to remove all of the ‘little
line of metal’ around the diamond.

I’m showing you in a copy of some photographs I now show to my
students, how ugly it looks! By using & cutting in a "Pre-Cut"
method, there will just never have that ‘line’ appearing anywhere.
Obviously, for legal reasons, I can’t mention where I copied the
setting from.

I’ll let you compare my method & to what was used way back-when…
you decide!..Gerry Lewy.


I glad you did not disclose a name, don’t want you to start a tiff.