[BenchTube] Bright-Cutting, Onglette Graver

This is the very first time making a video of any kind. What a
better way to do it, that is to show how my modified graver can be
easily prepared for bright-cutting.

Just go to the “BenchTube” on our Orchid website, & there it is.

In only 5 minutes of viewing, but saving 1,000’s of words in text
form. seeing IS believing! My mind is running to start a whole new
series of Bench-grinder graver-forming, bright-cutting, finishing a
ring with pumice wheels. What about setting an "Oval, 8x6 mm"
faceted stone ring, that too is now in the ‘works’…Gerry Lewy

Hello Gerry,


The video you have put up on Ganoksin is very apt.

I have a question how many points out of 10 would you give for
Graver preparation. I personally feel it is 10/10. Any suggestions on
preparing a quiz for setting.


My good friend Umesh!

I’d give it a "25+" out of 10. How can anyone work with a graver
that is not able to cut? If you want to run by me some of your
questions, I’d like to help you further, off-line!


Dear Gerry, I thank you for your assistance. I consider it very
valuable. Regards, Umesh

Umesh. G.Chavan