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[BenchTube] Big Turquoise pendant - Part 5

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)

Big Turquoise pendant - Part 5
Runtime: 4m 22s

How a nice Turquoise pendant using only 4.9 grams of 14k gold is
refused by a greedy customer…

Watch Video:

Hello skillman,

I had to look twice to your video. I feel sorry for the work,
craftmenship and skill jou used for… nothing! To me that piece
was perfect. Making it smaller (in weight) closer to what he wanted
whould have look not good. Any stone needs some “body” as support. As
far as I can see, you did a very good job !!

Instead of cutting it down, I would of considered a solution of
modifying that “C” into something else and sell it that way. Just a
thought but I don’t know how this will work in Romenia.

It is not helping you in anyway but the work you put into making
this video is highly appreciated by many craftsmen amongst us!

Again, thank you for sharing everything you showed us in a very
generous way, even this bad experience you had will help others
prevending them from people like the customer you have encountered.

Best regards


That is sickening. My stomach was twisting as I watched you tear
apart your lovely work… Hang in there! Hopefully that will not
happen to you again.

Judy in Kansas