[BenchTube] Beth Wicker, An Artist Profile

Black Creek Arts Council, a local arts council, got a grant to do
some tourism related videos of local artists and craftsmen, and mine
is one of the first finished. Link is

Wish they had done more voice overs with me working and less “talking
head”, and wish they had focused more on the hand made jewelry, and
less on my cheap line of Christmas jewelry (although it sells like
mad, it really isn’t what I want to be known for - just pays the
bills nicely!).

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio



Well I thought it was great to see you Beth. It felt like I was
meeting you. But I agree that it would have been nice to see more of
your work too.


Thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” you through the video. Have loved the
name of your studio ever since I first read one of your postings.
Having been a video producer and also a jewelry designer, I can see
both sides of the coin. Whenever someone else has done a video or
newspaper article about my work or business I have generally been
disappointed. This is because, as the artist, I know what is
important to me and the image I want to project. I am, however, left
in the hands of the person who is doing the production or writing
about me. Bottom line here, I think, is to remember that buyers love
to know the artist. They love to buy from someone who is real and
speaks to them through their work and their personality. If this
video gets them into your studio then you get the opportunity to go
from there. It is my opinion that this video will bring people to
you. You are real, genuine and open in this production and you come
across beautifully. Best to you. You are blessed to live in a
community that values the arts enough to get a grant to do this.

Pat Klein

You are blessed to live in a community that values the arts enough
to get a grant to do this.

Pat - thanks for your wonderful comments, and you are quite right
about being blessed! The marvelous thing is the grant for this came
not from my town or county, but from an arts group in an adjoining
county. That is pretty unusual around here. They are the “home” for
the Artisans of the South Carolina Cotton Trail, which is a regional
juried group of which I am probably the most active member. I
suspect that is at least partly why I got chosen for the video…

I’ve gotten lots of great comments on it. Hope it eventually leads
to sales!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Beth, I want to add my congratulations to that of the others. You are
always generous with your suggestions and help. You deserve the
grant. Enjoy it. I hope you get lots of sales.

Alma Rands