[BenchTube] Beach Glass Jewelry with Wildpen

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Beach Glass Jewelry with Wildpen
Runtime: 6m 9s

I have met a few cockatoos in my day, but on this day, in early
June, I met Sunny and FlaxMan, two Umbrella Cockatoos who help run
wildpen, an Etsy shop where they sell handmade (er… beak- and
talon-made) gifts. Unfortunately, Hope, a Moluccan Cockatoo was out
during the shoot, but she’s the third of three cockatoos that make
up wildpen. Sunny likes green sea glass. With her expert vision, and
ability to see a 4th color channel, she can spot tiny pieces of
glass darting about in the surf from a ways down the beach. FlaxMan
is mostly into a rock and roll lifestyle, but he takes breaks to
work on wildpen. It helps to have a little Ani Difranco, Howling
Wolf or PJ Harvey on the stereo to jumpstart his creative genius.
Hope is really into the mud masks. She loves mixing and testing
personal batches on her feet. Since she couldn’t be in the video…

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