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Ancient jewelry making technique using cuttlebone molds
Runtime: 6m 25s

Artisan jeweller, Eftihios Tsivourakis, demonstrates the ancient
technique of mould-making using cuttlefish bone. He uses this
technique to make a sterling silver pendant, an approximately 2/3
replica tetradrachm (coin) of Athens, c. 449 - 413 BCE. This
demonstration took place in Eftihios’ jewellery shop, Batsi Gold, on
the Greek Aegean island of Andros, in October 2013.

Eftihios kindly demonstrated this technique to members of the Zagora
Archaeological Project (including Powerhouse Museum partners) who
were living in Batsi participating in the project.

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Thanks for sharing that video. I remember carving our own designs
into cuttlefish in high school and I think we used centrifugal
casting, but pouring would as does work just as well. That was over
30 yrs !