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Hi! What fun to see all the wonderfully messy workbenches. I really
believe that that is creativity at work! Think about all the great
ideas we would miss out on if we took the time to fuss around and
keep things neat. In any case, have you ever tried to find anything
after you’ve cleaned up? I’d send a picture but I don’t have
one–my workroom shares space with a sewing machine,chest of drawers
with all my fabric bits and pieces, two bookshelves, all my other
’projects’ and activities, and it’s not more than 10X10. I forgot
the ironing board, but that makes a wonderful table to hold extra
things when you can manage to get around it. Sandra

Howdy Folks,

As a first-born that falls into the
-your-head perfectionist category, I was wondering how many
Orchidians were firstborns? (from the looks of the benches, I’d say a
lot of jewelers are the ‘messy’-type of firstborn perfectionists or
perhaps the ‘adle-brained’ last borns!) Of course, folks from big
families often know where the ‘split’ is in the 2 groups of siblings
(such that there is more than 4-5 years between 2 of them, creating
another firstborn personality) and ‘blended’ families are difficult
to pin down this way.

Or even knowing the Myers-Briggs personality type distribution might
be fun. has anyone tried this?

1 Lucky Texan