BenchExchange - New Uploads!


I just finished adding new studios and dungeons to the BenchExchange
page. Come and see the benches of:

Timothy Shepard
Ivy Fasko
Judy M. Willingham
T. Lee
Sandra Noble Goss
Cindy Crounse
Lisa Hawthorne
Tom Timms
Alan Lewis
Jerry Holt
Jeff Simkins

Thank you for sharing
Your host

You people are soooo cool! I love that everyone “got” the idea of
capturing a moment in time, disarray (or lack thereof) and all! And
I’m happy that some folks without the means to submit a photo
provided wonderful verbal descriptions. Its like being transported
momentarily to hang out in a friend’s studio and sit down for a cup
of tea. I find it very interesting to note the consistencies and
differences, and enjoy the richness of the accompanying text.

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

morning Doc.

this is a great idea! I’ve always felt embarrassed about the
piggish state of my “studio”, particularly the benches - it’s really
comforting to see that my own habits (in this area anyway) aren’t all
that bizarre!



Even more snapshots of Orchid members’ studios and benches added to
the BenchExchange program. Please show, and see the benches of:

Lori Lochner and her parrot
Pam Chott
Chris Hanson
Janet Kofoed
Paul Townsend

Side notes:

  1. Please remember that you are welcome to have your very own Orchid
    Showcase Page at our gallery section - for FREE :slight_smile:

  1. Those of us who own a website, please consider adding a link to
    The Ganoksin website as a measure to spread our community vision
    around the globe!

Again, thank you for sharing
Your host

hi- I want to thank all of you who posted pix- it made me feel so
much better to see that everyone else has a much mess as I do!! And
those of you who are obsessive compulsive- we know who you are now!
Anne Stickney

Loved seeing the work areas and benches. I am just creating my work
space so have not much to show for now. What a hoot seeing
everyone’s bench. This gives me the inspiration to keep moving
forward. Loved it!!! Barb


Check out the new studios and dungeons on the BenchExchange
pages, featuring:

Sheldon D. Warren
Ralph Leach
Beth Merckel
Walter Kirk
Leon Mege
Myke Schmalzriedt

Thank you for sharing
Your host