Bench vacuum system

Hi all,

I recently purchased a used fume extractor benchtop system from
a friend. I use it to keep sanding/rubber wheel and other nasty
particles as well as soldering fumes away from my face. I think I
paid about $250 - not sure what it is new but here’s the
company’s info.

Pace Inc.
9893 Brewers Ct
Laurel, MD 20723-1990

It uses a Hepa filter and prefilter and is not too noisy -
although I put the machine up in my attack and ran duct hose
down to my bench through a hole in the ceiling. It is meant to
be set up in the shop and recirculates clean- breathable air
without tossing all your heat out the window.

Before I got this I used a small squirrel cage fan connected to
dryer hose and sent stuff out the window. Michelle

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