Bench Trick

Most of you orchid subscribers know by now how much I like those
plastic blister packages that everything comes enclosed in. at least
in the U.S.A. . Heck I use them for everything from gluing sand paper
to as a sanding media to forms for RTV molds. Anyway I just found a
new use… just this one more… I found that if you rough one side
with 60-80 grit sand paper and then apply polishing compound you can
use them to polish those pesky inside cut out areas. I know about
string and chamois but they tend to round corners and edges. The
plastic polishes flat and you can cut right into a corner and actually
sharpen it. I cut it in thin strips about 2-5mm wide and 4inches
long. it also works well for flat surfaces that have a ledge or
perpendicular surface to them. You can then apply any polishing media
you prefer…Happy (yuk) polishing. Frank Goss