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Bench top bending brake

DOes anyone know of a source for a small, 12" capacity bending brake that I can attach to a bench/work table. Alternatively, does someone have plans for such an item.


Jim Cohen

I haven’t used one, and can’t offer any opinion on it, but you might look at the Shop Fox M1052. It’s available on Amazon.


Breaks are pretty simple. Harbor freight has an 18" break that could be cut down.Depending on the size of work roofers use small breaks and I own a 6" hand break. Look for a tin knocker, a specialist in HAVC duct work.

Good luck


What about “Potter Tools”? He seems to have lots of great tools which are made exceptionally well.

If you’ve got a few minutes, this is worth looking at. Very easy and very functional.

DLF Consulting

Great stuff! I love instructables.

I admire his craftsmanship using rudimentary tools most homeowners have. Put this on my todo list.

Rick Copeland
Rocky Mountain Wonders

I’m posting some pix of several available,
The Bailaigh is similar to a german one I’ve had for 20 + years, I Paid a lot more than the 281.00 they’re asking.
I also have a 4’ version of the shop fox (under a different brand, Very good.
The grizzly is a deal, but find out if there are individual fingers available. The center pull will make life much easier.