Bench tips Vacuum system

Bench Tips To reply to those who want the best thing since sliced
bread for under bench vacuum while using abrasive wheels and such
for a very modest sum Under $20.00 For my situation I have adapted
a small amount of plastic plumbing tube and attached a 12 volt
rechargeable car mini portable Vacuum Cleaner The manufacture
is by Black and Decker but I am sure you will have a make if you
were to search out your auto repair shop. For a more professional
one if you would like to email me privately I will explain my
central vacuum system in more detail at no charge. How ever in
the face of tradition I still use my Rabbit’s Foot bench brush.
It does not need electricity to operate and clients when they
watch me work on there item of jewellery or silversmithiing that
I am making, just cant help themselves asking me what it is for.


With any dust handling system that uses platic piping, make sure
you ground the piping as it can build up a pretty health static
electric charge. Fine Dust + Spark = Boom. This can be done by
running a copper wire through the pipe then to a handy water
pipe, electrical conduit or the door knob if you don’t like to be
disturbed while working.

Several places sell kits for using a shop vac for dust
collection including Sears and Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley also
sells a high density filter that will remove finer particles than
the usual vacuum filters. You also can buy remote control
switches to control the vacuum systems - saves running back and
forth if you move the vacuum to preserve some semblence of quiet
in the shop.

I turn soapstone on a lathe so dust control is very near and
dear to my heart.

Hope this helps,

Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock