Bench rental recommendation

I have a couple jewelers that are no longer in the trade. They want
to rent my back bench on an hourly basis. (independently not

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonable fee for this?
What if they want to use my casting equipment?

Do I really want them in the back of my shoppe? I feel there is a
brother/sisterhood in this field. I don’t want to be stingy. I am
just truly in the dark about it. Thanks in advance for your input.

Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry

consider people in your space…

then consider your ability to set limits…

then make a list of what is acceptable and if you can’t say it then
get them to sign it as they would a lease. State clearly that it, the
fee or rent, is for the space on the bench and their portion of the
electricity and water and sewerage facility only. No other equipment
is provided in the terms of your lease…

A reasonable fee for studio space around here seems to be between
$250-500 dollars a month…some get more, some ask less. It is your
life they will be invading and do you really want to say the shop
closes at 10pm, no weekends, and what if you want to be in there
alone without their bench grinder or air compressor going? and then
deal with someone that “has to” work all night if they feel

think long and hard about sharing space, then sell them a bench!


Bad idea. Not only will your customer’s have a problem with it, but
you may find Insurance liability problems also. I would steer clear
of this idea.