Bench Organisation

Thank You, Everyone who contributed to this thread I have
collected pictures of a few bench set ups and in January I plan
to put them up on the web(along with mine) for you to see. I
have to find a place as I don’t qualify to put them up on the
FTP here. Basically, it looks like there are two methods for
working. Those that work above the bench surface and those that
work at or below the bench surface. Both look to have their
advantages. I have been a retail trade jeweler for almost 30
years, but was not taught in school nor did I learn on my own a
systematic approach to bench organisation working; I just put
together tid bits from here and there. But I am convinced and I
have been making changes in this area in the last year or so.
Bench efficiency is the at the heart of being able to make money
at this vocation and the application of what I have been
learning/gleaning from all of you will be reorganizing (sp) my
personal bench in January as Xmas is already upon me now. And
G-d willing I will come up with a well grounded philosophy as to
how to work on the bench. John Caro