Bench Magazine - Trying to Find 6 Back Issues - Help

Orchidians -

Ganoksin is looking for just a few random back issues of “Bench Magazine” which ceased publication many years ago. As you can imagine, these are NOT easy to find.

The six (6) issues we need are;

2001 - Three issues --> Winter, Spring, and Fall
2006 - Three issues --> Spring, Summer, Fall

Can any community member give us a hand?

I think that I have them ALL!!..:wink: Let me have a look for them tonight!!

Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my busy & travelling iPhone!


Sorry. The only 2 copies I have are Summer 2004 and Winter 2005.
Good luck finding them!

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Have 2006 fall

I have summer 2006. Vince LaRochelle

Hey cool! Thanks @gng214 and @Vincent_LaRochelle2 – I will reach out to you both privately. Hopefully I can find the other 4!

Hi Seth,

What are the other 4?. I may have them.

Dave Arens

Just found some “Bench” magazines, all 23 issues of them! Even located some duplicates of a few more!
I’m now going to send them to our Seth Rose. All are in prestige condition. Better he has them, then having them sit in my basement collecting…‘dust’!!!

Gerry Lewy!..just sent from my great iPhone!