Bench jeweler and help needed in Fort Worth Texas 50 year old store

If this is not a post that is ok here I understand delete it.
We are looking for help in sales, a great bench jeweler and a GG.
Anyone interested please let me know.
Thanks PG

this post is totally fine - thanks.

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Do you have a contact email and name of store, that would help.
Grissom’s Fine Jewelry.
Fort Worth Texas but being redone right now.

I realized that would be helpful in my first post I just didnt know if that type of thing went on here.
I am thinking of trying Zip recruiter anyone tried that?

Thanks PG

Dear Mr. Grissom,
We are a trade shop that has been in business for over 30 years and have a number of clients across the country. We do custom manufacture, antique restoration and general repair. We have 3d printing service available as well as laser welding. I am a certified master bench jeweler with jewelers of america. If there is anything we can do we would be happy to help.Thanks for your time.

Kevin Wood

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Thank you Ringerinc I would be happy to have your contact info email and website.
I have many outsource bench options now that are great but its always good to have more options.
I do need another jeweler in HOUSE and for that matter we are crazy busy and need sales help too.
Thanks PG