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Bench home made in USA


This is my Swiss army bench everything at my hand.
The bench mate is new and long over due it’s a must have tool.
It holds like Herkules. The pin vise mod I saw on you tube is great. The mod took a while longer due to the new quick release.

My shop is almost perfect.
What I would change I don’t know ill have to look at all your benches! :slight_smile:


Robert, I think I have the same lathe! Belt-driven 9” South Bend made for the war effort (I have the same red plaque)…

Jeff Herman


Wow thats great mine is from 1943 acc to ser # i need one part to make it work.
War service lathes also have a special tag. Oh and i juest figured out how to improve my shop.
I am a silversmith yours is very nice.


Wow, I love the swinging arm system you’ve made to hold bits and grinding tips!



12 dollars for whole set up or 45$ for each arm!


The 45 is what u pay for the foredom arms :grinning:


I like home made better :wink: good job


Love what you did with the PVC pipe. Great idea! I may have to borrow that one.


The PVC swing arm for the flex shaft bits is a great idea.
Can you provide dimensions etc etc
I think I am going to build one
Calgary Canada


Already borrowed it. Great idea.


1 1/4 x 3/4 pvc ts no glue needed 26 inch high 3/4 pvc pipe is 12 inch long the alu tube contains
Cord from flex shaft so it dosnt interfere with the swing arms. Lathe turned heigth adjustment for flex shaft. Have at it all who want.


Sire thing its based on the big money foredom tool holder.