Bench height (adjustable foot rests)

Hello Orchidians, Being a hobbyist jeweler/faceter I do not have a lot
to contribute. My jewelry is simple and my faceting slow to get
going with my busy schedule. So I am glad a subject came up that I
can help with. At work we have ADJUSTABLE chairs! You can change the
height of the large back. You can change the height of the seat from
the floor, from about 24 inches to 29 inches. You can change the seat
from level to tilt down. You can slide the seat part in or out. You
can have the back straight up in a firm position or have it tilt back
with you as you lean back in your chair. It also has a ring around
the base for you to rest your feet on. It also is adjustable for you
to raise or lower it. It has 5 sets of rollers to give you stability.
I cannot think of anything more it could adjust. The models we have
do not have arm rests. I do not know if there is other models or

It is make by SteelCase INC., Grand Rapids, MI. 49501 Model 4537301D
MFG. 26 SCH 2 Order # J83569 Reg. No. NY 11035(Mich)

That is what was on the tag on the bottom. I hope this is of some
help. I do not know what they cost.

John Daly
Grand Junction, CO.

steelcase is a name i recognize in office furniture. i think that it
is a good, trustworthy brand.

it sounds like it has your vote of approval. my chair has
adjustments, but in order for me to find a chair with adjustments, i
had to get a chair that doesn’t go down as far as i would like.

since people have mentioned the height of their bench pins, it just
occurred to me to change the height of my bench pin if i can’t get
any lower in my chair.