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"BENCH" conference!

hello all on Orchid

I will be a guest speaker the first conference planned by "Bench"
magazine. I will be having two seminars on this Friday and a Q & A
at 12:30 noon. These two seminars will consist of “Graver
Sharpening”, and also a demo on “Bright-Cutting”. If you miss the
morning @ 9:00 a.m. I will be there again in the afternoon @ 4:00
p.m. Sheraton Chicago Northwest Hotel, April 23 - 25…I’m the guy
with the Canadian flag !..:>)

So no one will forget what I am explaining / teaching. I have been
preparing loads of literature and a my new CD taken from my video.
Along with this package, will have my trade resume and again, loads
of pictures of what I am showing. If you are to be there, please make
every effort and tapping me on the shoulder during the three days
and say “hullo”…Gerry!