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Bench Column for new Canadian Jewelry magazine

Hi friends in Orchid,

I write a bench column for Canadian Jewellery Business that I am
seeking some feedback for. The column is geared to custom jewelers.
It does not explain in detail bench techniques or procedures, but
rather offers a list of things to think about regarding a jeweler’s
bench. For our debut issue the column, titled Boasting Your Bench,
shared ideas about how jewelers can tout the accolades of their bench
to promote its services. For my next column, due next week, I thought
it would be interesting to tackle Beyond the Bench. Perhaps first and
foremost is the repair intake process. Wondering if you have any
tips, tricks, warning, thoughts on what jewelers should be mindful of
in their store that affect the production of their bench as it
relates to the people on the fringe of the bench. Training tips for
sales associates when it comes to selling the bench, taking in repair
orders, discussing custom design work. Mistakes made by others beyond
the bench that you need to be savvy about. I’m not looking for reams
of just a paragraph would do regarding your experiences.
Please respond to my email directly (@Deborah_Yonick) with full
name, title, business name and location. If you prefer to communicate
on the phone, please send me your number and the best time to reach

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Kindest regards,

Deborah A. Yonick
3596 Shady Oak Lane
Glen Rock, PA 17327
ph/fax: 717-227-9823