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Belt Sander

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading orchid for 2 years and absorbing
lots of great Thank you all. I am looking for a
small belt sander, I asked my son for one for Christmas and when
he called Frei and Borel to order the Zippee, they told him that
it was no longer being made. Does anyone know of another source
for it, someplace that might have one laying around on a shelf?
Or does anyone know of something that might replace it. Thanks
and have a good holiday all. Betty Belmonte Bryn Mawr, PA

Rio Grande has a belt sander in the basic configuration of t

Rio Grande has a belt sander in the basic configuration of the
Zipee sander. Maybe this will help. Harold

I bought mine at the local hardware store. The belts seem to be
standard with woodworking sanders, so I buy the very fine belts
at the Woodworkers supply store that don’t take that much metal
off. The belts provided are for wood and VERY coarse.

Delta is the brand name and I bought it at Home Depot for about

I use mine all the time.


While I am not a big fan of dremel, I bought their combination
belt and disc sander from MicroMark, after finding out from Frei
$ Borel that the Zippie had been discontinued. So far it has been
fine- a bit noisy, but more adjustable than the zippie, plus it
has a disc and table for that as well. It has a port for a
vacuum tube to remove dust.

Rick Hamilton

They have a little combo belt and disk grinder at HOME DEPOT FOR
$88 Looks small enough for smith work and the grinder is handy
for tools

Betty, Try Rio Grande. They have at least two belt sanders and
five different belts to fit them. One of them is a Black and
Decker, so your son might do better price-wise at Home Depot,
Lowes, etc., on that one. You can still get the lapidary belts at

Gambrills, MD

Micro mark carries some belt sanders. Their site is Go to the online catalog and search for
"belt Sander"

Chunk Kiesling

Hi Betty,

You didn’t indicated the type of things you were going to be
sanding, so the following suggestions may not be appropriate.

Micro Mark, 800-225-1066 ( has several
small belt sanders listed in their catalog. Other sources are
home centers, hardware stores & import tool stores (Harbor

Harbor Freight has a 1"wide belt sander for about $49.00,
another model with a 1" belt & 5" disk for $59.00.

Depending on the amount of use the machines will get, this may
or may not be a way to go.