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Belt sander

Hello: I purchased a great small belt sander at my local Sears
Hardware (USA) for about $89. 1 inch wide belts, about 18 inches
long. It is a combination model, with a circular sanding disc mounted
to one side, but I don’t use that part. To get more belts in a
greater range of grits, I went to a local tool store that contractors
use (Berland’s, Palatine, IL, northwest suburbs of Chicago. They also
had many power tools, but much more fancy and expensive.), that has
everything for wood and metalworking working. This sander is great,
and does everything I wanted, for what I consider to be a great
price. The belts are easy to switch. The belt is mounted in a
vertical position, which I found the best for sanding small jewelry
pieces-you can really see what you are doing. I mounted a clip light
to the side and rear; light then shines between the workpiece and the
belt, and I can see exactly where the irregularities remain.

Sometimes the sources that seem too obvious can be the best! I got my
drill press the same way. If you shop the month before Father’s Day
(mid-June), all the power tools are on sale. (I told them they should
have a Mother’s Day special, but I’m not sure if they took me up on

Good luck finding what you need…