Belonging to Organizations

All Here is another thread that might bring some interesting

How many Orchid members belong to a hobby or amatuer level Gem and
Mineral Society, lapidary club, rock and mineral group, or other
non-professional level association?

Of course, the next question will be how many belong to a
professional organization or association but would like to keep the
two questions separate if possible.

I’ll start by divulging that I belong to two Gem and Mineral clubs.
I’m Vice President of The Florida Gold Coast Gem and Mineral Society
in Dania Beach, FL where we currently have 80 members. I am also a
past officer and life-time member of the Patuxent Lapidary Guild of
MD with somewhere around 50 members I believe.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut2

I belong to a Gem and Mineral Society. Love it! We are fortunate
to have two certified gemologists and one geologist in the club. I
make a 2 hour round trip to attend meetings.

Beth in rural SC

I belong to the San Francisco Gem and Mineral Society (close to 500
members), where I was treasurer for 2 years and next year I’ll be
more or less the editor-in-chief of the newsletter; my husband the
stone-cutter is a past president and current board member and
co-chairman of the show committee. And he belongs to the Castro
Valley Mineral & Gem Club. I also belong to the International
Society of Glass Beadmakers and its local chapter, which is both pro
and hobby, though I belong at the hobby level as I just started
learning how to melt glass.

No pro organizations, as jewelry has always been a secondary
vocation for me. Since I started learning about hot glasswork six
months ago I’ve been obsessed and have done very little jewelry. My
life as an artisan is in flux for the moment.


I belong to:
the Gem, Lapidary and Mineral Society of Washington, DC - past
secretary, current vp for programs
the Micromineralogists of the National Capital Area - past secretary,
past editor, past president
the Mineralogical Society of the District of Columbia
the Friends of Mineralogy, PA chapter and SE chapter - past vp
the American Opal Society (in CA) - past safety chair
the Northwest Micro Mineral Study Group
S.C.R.I.B.E. (for editors) - past treasurer
Rochester Academy of Science

PMC Guild
Metals Guild of Maryland
GIA Alumni Association, DC chapter

I am also a past president of the Eastern Federation of
Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies

My husband Bruce is also a member of most of the above too and has
served several positions as well.

Cathy Gaber

Handicrafters Guild

Washington Guild of Goldsmiths
Wyoming Metals Association

Donna in VA (formerly in WY but still return each summer)

Hi Don. As you know, I am also a member of The Florida Gold Coast
Gem and Mineral Society. I am also on The Society’s Annual Sale
Committee, which brings me to another point: our Annual Sale (I
promise that this is not a shill, I’m just being an opportunist).
We’re currently working on the verbiage of the real press release
for the sale, but I couldn’t resist this preliminary opportunity to
give the folks on Orchid some info about it.

The FGCG&MS holds an annual sale at the Graves Museum of Archaeology
and Natural History, 481 S. Federal Highway, Dania Beach, FL. This
year’s sale will be the first weekend in December, or December 6th
and 7th. If the forum allows, times will be posted the moment we
finish the press release. This sale is conducted by the members of
The Society and consists mostly of jewelry items that members have
made themselves, as well as rough gem materials, slabs, tools, new
and used lapidary equipment, mineral specimens, etc. All are welcome
to come out to the Graves Museum to enjoy their splendid exhibits as
well as meeting our club’s members and maybe even find that one tool
or specimen they need. You can find a little more info on the
FGCG&MS on our web page:

The FGCG&MS also meets at the museum on the 3rd Wednesday of every
month. The next meeting will be this Wednesday, October 13 at the
museum. ALL are welcome. For more info, please contact me at
@docktor, Don at, or the sale

Not a whole lot for me here…

GIA Alumni

And of course, that greatest of email organizations… The Orchid Mail

Gary W. Bourbonais

I’m a GIA Student and Alumni and a member of the GAA 3D “Gemmological
Association of Australia” and have been looking into The Society for
Midwest Metalsmiths’ but I can never get a reply from the addresses
at the website. I surely not going to send money if no one is home!
I also want to join Snag but my funds are still to low for this. I
use to belong to the MJSA , but then it was more for mass producers
and I really didn’t need it then. Maybe is a few more years I might
join again. Wanted to join JA for the quality of the teaching aids
as well as education available there. Unfortunately a bench jeweler
/ artist can not join unless sponsored by his employer who is a
member of the JBT. Or that is what I was told 3 years ago. Working
out of my house, so I am my employer, but not able to join JBT
because I do not have anywhere near the cash flow they require.

Maybe Orchid members should start an organization? We would have
purchasing power, as well as the wonderful exchange plus
other benefits we might be able to acquire. Health insurance, credit
from vendors, maybe even Stuller would think about selling to people
like us? Then again, with collective purchasing power, who would
need Stuller! We would have the jewelry industries around the world
wanting to sell to us. ( or am I dreaming?) After all, wasn’t it
GWBush who said that small business is the backbone of Americas
enterprise and jobs? Most of us are really small, so we must be
really important to the well being of America! How about the well
being of the Global economy! Right?

Daniel Hamilton
St Louis mo