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Belly dancing gem

Recently, a lady stepped into our factory and asked if we could outfit her
belly button with a gemstone. The request was not as unusual as the fact
that we did not know what to do exactly. Recently, my husband Sheldon
checked out for possible resources on the Net and was sent back a possible
solution. Before we proceed, however, I want to hear from any of you who
have had experience in this area. Too, isn’t this a dangerous experience.
I know that I sound silly to you my more experienced peers, but I feel
confidant that you won’t let me down. Thanks in Advance, Shalom from
Israel, Linda

Dear Linda and Sheldon,
I don’t know about Israel, but in
Australia over the last few years there has been a mad craze for body
piercing among a few of our more impressionable and mostly youthful
clients. I know body piercing has always been popular within certain
cultures, but this contemporary trend is something else. Like tattooing in
Western culture, it seems to be based more in some notion of defiance,
protest, and/or notoriety.

Titanium is an ideal metal for such piecings, although I have seen
stainless steel fittings used too. I have also seen some pretty nasty
infections. There are some fittings which simply pinch the skin tightly
enough so as not to fall off.

There is a mile of seriously weird stuff on the 'Net if you type in a
simple search on “body piercing”. Lots of luck. Personally, I prefer the

Regards, Rex from Oz