Being prodcution capable


I have been a jewelry designer for almost 2 years now. I am currently
working to land a rather large account and I have to be “prodcution
capable”. I am not sure where to start on this. How do I find a
company that can mass produce my designs? Any help is appreciated.
Also, when you sell to a larger company, (I typically sell to small
boutiques) do you increase your wholesale price? If so, by how much?
I am certainly learning the business side of things as I go. I
sometimes feel like a fish out of water, even though I was in
corporate America for 12 years.

Thank you.


Dan Grandi does mass production. He has done casting for me. I have
seen the production area of his shop. Really nice guy. Always
delivered for me on time. He’s in Rhode Island.

Good luck. Mary A