Beginning fabrication books

Hi there,

Anyone have any recommendations for books with step by step projects
for beginning fabricators? My class is over until Feb 28th and I
might go through withdrawals! So far I’ve made a few simple bands,
set some cabs in rings and have done a lot of sawing. My goal is to
make bespoke pieces with large stones, or stone combos and mixed
metals. But I need a lot more practice before I start using gold. So
I’m just working with silver right now.

Here’s my second ring…

Any book suggestions would be really appreciated.

Anyone have any recommendations for books with step by step
projects for beginning fabricators? 

Alan Revere’s “Professional Goldsmithing” is loaded with useful
projects. Enough to keep you busy until February 28. I’m not saying
which year.

Neil A.

Very pretty! I’m a big fan of Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith.

It’s not a step-by-step project book: it’s more of a technique and
basic info book. It gives you the melting points of the metals,
terminology, safety info, and info on different tools and equipment.
I’ve found it really helpful throughout this last year as a beginner.

You might also look at Lapidary Journal or Jewelry Arts Magazines.


Very pretty! I'm a big fan of Tim McCreight's *The Complete

I second this recommendation. I’ve mentored 3 students, this book was
the only one I required them to have as a guide.

Alan Revere's "Professional Goldsmithing"... 

The above link was not included by me and I have to point out the
games that can be played on Amazon by some of their retailers. The
book is listed as “7 new from $143.96”. That is absurd! Orchid’s
rules of decency preclude me from saying exactly what I’m thinking
right now about that. The book is available NEW from Rio Grande for
$70. Some retailers on Amazon do not even stock the books they
list, but if you will pay $143.96 or more for it, they will find a
copy and sell it to you at that grossly inflated (in my opinion
predatory) price. Click on the “7 new” and look at the prices. One is
listed as

$231.24+ $3.99 shipping New Bennett Books Ltd (ships international!)

Again, Rio has the book for $70. Otto Frei lists Professional Jewelry Making [Hardcover] by Alan Revere for $70 as well.

I did not mention in my post some of the projects that are included
in “Professional Goldsmithing” but the title might put off a new
student needlessly. Numerous projects require only beginner-level
skill but provide useful items and learning. Some include: forged
bangle bracelet; hoop earrings; various chains; Japanese-patterned
pierced (saw piercing) earrings; several quite different rings; a
sister hook; necklace, box, and ball clasps; a hinged bracelet; lots

From what I saw of the ring shown, Amery has the skill to tackle all
the projects I listed. If some seem to be a bit much to tackle as
described (perhaps the necklace clasp), make a larger version, and
then scale it down once you get it.

I learned a great deal from Alan Revere’s DVDs and I recommend them,
but Amery asked for a book, and it is a treasure-trove for a

Neil A.

I second the recommendation for “Professional Jewelry Making” by Alan
Revere (first edition was titled Professional Goldsmithing).

This is a complete course in goldsmithing suitable for anyone with
the desire to become proficient with our tools, process, and