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Beginner's Wax carving

Chipping in late, and definitely not as an expert… and with the
certain knowledge that symmetrical forms with exact lines and angles
will not be in my skill set, but that carving ‘realistic’ animals
and organic life forms might become something of an obsession…

Carving away what you don’t want means you have to be able to
visualise your three-D finished carving from every angle and
perspective… and keep turning it in your mind’s eye as you turn the
carving, so you can keep the proportions right.

Tools are something else again… two of my favourites are forged
from 4" flat head nails; I can keep them nice and sharp. The other
absolute essential is either 20/20 eyesight or the best magnifiers
you can afford.

Endless hours of patient practice as you learn the way wax behaves
as it is carved will reward.

Jane Walker