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[Beginners' Corner] [How2] Sell Gemstones

Hi: I have a parcel of arround 40 pieces of fire opal, I have
never sell stones. I have some questions and I would appreciate
any comments !

-How should I comecialize the gems, just the stone, or as a
jewel (Ring, Broche, Pendant) ?. -If as a jewel should I use
silver or gold ?

Before any comment, I have to tell ,that I live in Mexico City,
I can be supplied constantly with opals, I’m a designer jeweler
as a hobby until now, I can drive south United States and I’m
willing to start my own business.

thank you very much !


Hi Gustavo,

Assuming the stones are the reddish orange color & faceted, I’d
set then in gold. Due to the fragility of the stone, they are
better set in things other than rings. I’ve seen them set in
silver, but you can probably get a better price from a gold
mounted piece.



Hola Gustavo,

I suppose to begin with you, What grade quality are the fire
opals and are the Cabs or are the facited fire opals? Here in the
states, for the loose stones, they are selling any where from
$6.00 - $ 60.00 per caret weigt ( wholesale ) depending on the
quality and the cuts. Actually I have seen American hand cut
stones selling for close to 100.00 dollars per caret. So it
really vareies…

Anyway, you could do really what ever you wanted… but if they
are good quality and you wanted to set them … I would do it in
gold. This is just a personal prefrence for the fire opals.
Also depending on the cut of the stone will determine if you want
to do them in prong sets or in bezel sets.

Espero que eso se ayuda… Hasta pronto!

Rebecca Foley

The Obsidian Horse
1058 Bardstown Rd
Louisville, Ky 40204
(502) 589-5665 E-mail: