[Beginners' Corner] cutting jump rings

after finding the nail, mandrel, etc. the right diameter for the
jump rings, i bend a 1/4" of the wire end into a 90% crimp,
clamp a mini vice-grip onto the crimped end &coil the desired
number times, & remove the little coil without cutting from
larger coil. then i select the closest fitting wooden chopstick
from a supply on hand &, starting at the crimped open end, use
my thin-cerf cut-off wheel/blade, using an up & down contact cut
rather than a constant straight across the coil cut; the less
the cut-off blade has contact with the wire (the
’straight-across cut’ seems to wobble more), the cleaner &
narrower the cut. of course, you have to do this before your 6th
cup of coffee. ive ps: the dearth of caps in my typing is another
example of my ‘hand problems’ list of ‘priorities’ that i forgot
to put on my ‘suggestions’.