Beginners class in L.A

There are a couple low cost classes you can take. One is taught at
Venice High School by a guy named Anthony, and I think they still
teach one at Beverly Hills High. Both of these are in the Adult
education programs that the schools have. I was also told about a
guy on main street in Santa Monica who has a studio where he
teaches students. I don’t know the exact location, it’s in the
same block as my hairdresser (She works at NEXT salon) His place
is just a few doors south of the salon. Hope this helps, Tzipora

Try El Camino Community College. About $50 for a semester length
course, and you get to use the studio on days other than the class
as space permits, for no extra charge. Irene Mori is a wonderful
instructor in the introductory classes.

Good luck,


The guy teaching in that Main street jewelry studio, in Santa
Monica, is Peter Solomon. He taught manufacturing at GIA for over 5
years. The guy is phenomenal. That studio specializes in teaching
PMC (precious metal clay), but Peter teaches it all: wax carving,
fabrication, stone setting, etc. He’s also got some great equipment
set up. The name of the place is Precious Metal Arts. 2510 Main St,
Santa Monica, CA. (310) 581-4844 I used to work with him at GIA, I
taught there for nearly 8 years, 4 1/2 in gemology, 3 in
manufacturing. And if any one is interested I travel and do
gemology seminars, in particular with affiliates of Jewelers of
America. I’m doing a one day on gem id basics for the New Mexico
Jewelers Association, Sun April 26th. Call the NMJA Hotline for
more info. 1 800 761-3608. Oh by the way my name…Arthur
Skuratowicz A.K.A. Rev Dodwil Later