Beginner question: Disposable torch set up

not sure how to do this…so hope this works.

Beginner question: I just bought a Smith little torch with the
disposable canisters and will move into to the non-disposable
regulators and tanks when I can afford it.

When I set the whole disposable system up, I detected a fair amount
of propane leakage. I tightened everything up pretty well, but still
with a discerning nose, could register a little. Is that normal? The
propane was just bought today and the canister looks great. Is there
often a little gas leakage even with the non-disposable tanks? And
like the directions indicate, should I be removing the regulators
after I am done for the day? hour? or do people who have used this
set up, just leave the regulators on and keep it tightly closed?

Any experience would be greatly appreciated


don’t have a disposable setup, but as far as I know any propane
leakage is a bad thing. Especially if it’s audible! Propane is
heavier than air so it will pool on the floor rather than floating up
and away, and can make a very dangerous situation if you’ve got a
bunch of it sitting on your floor. I check over the whole setup with
soapy water regularly, and if it bubbles anywhere I shut it down,
tighten everything up, and check it again.

I don’t know about removing the regulators, but I always back out
the diaphragm to relieve pressure on mine after I’m done for the day,
it’ll help it last longer by giving it a chance to “rest” when not in
use. You don’t have to back it all the way out, one full turn should
be fine. Propane

Kelly Farrell

Hello Jenn,

When I set the whole disposable system up, I detected a fair amount
of propane leakage. 

Any leak is a bad thing. If you don’t have a leak detector such as
Safe-D-Tect then please get one. We offer one in our catalog (page
395) but you should be able to get one from any tools supplier or
local welding supply. I’d be happy to assist further if need be so
feel free to call or e-mail me directly.


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Sales and Support
800-545-6566 ex 13903