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Beginner Enamel on ring

Ive had a little bit of experience making simple silver and gold jewelry but have never tried enamels.

I’m inspired and intrigued by this Bea Bongiasca enamel ring and would like to explore creating my own designs using this fluid coating look.
I’ve tried to find articles/tutorials that might help but no luck.
Can anyone tell me about this technique or point me in the right direction?

The jewelry made by Bea Bongiasca seems to be made by some type of colored plastic coating. It’s not vitreous enamel (made from glass). I took a look at her website and didn’t find any reference to enamel which is good because that would be a misrepresentation. Real enamel would not survive on a flexible ring like in the picture.

Here is a product that could be used to make this type of coating. I had only seen it in red but now they seem to have discovered the craft market because now it comes in many colors, including new metallics.

Vera- Yup you are so right that vitreous enamel would not survive on a ring. Plastic dip would not last a NY minute on a ring shank either. Powder coating might last a little longer. But it still would get trashed with hand wear.

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Thank you very much everyone for your comments.

While the BB site does not say the ring is enameled, other sites, like Net-a-Porter, where it’s sold do describe it as “enamel”.
Coatings like Dipit and Magic Tool leave a softer almost rubberized finish than the hard finish on the rings but the look you’d get is very close.

Is it possible these are coated with UV Resin? I’ve experimented with regular resin but it doesn’t set up fast enough for a surface like this ring.

Krohn’s product “Ceramitation,” a two-part resin specifically designed to mimic vitreous enamel, can be applied to curved or vertical surfaces by first heating the piece so that the resin seizes in place upon applying. The piece needn’t be terribly hot either, about 150-160 F. is warm enough to keep the resin from flowing off. When I’ve done this I’ve heated the piece on one of those cup-sized hotplates meant to keep coffee warm.
You’ll have to practice a bit to get the surface so smooth, since it won’t self-level once it firms up.

That sounds very promising!! Thank you.