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Beehive kiln/chainmaking stuff

Hi all. I’d like to purchase a small beehive kiln for my home
studio. I would be using it primarily for annealing wire (gold),
fusing links and granulation. Can anyone recommend the best kind
to get (brandname, features, etc.) and where to find it? Thanks in

Also, I just tested out Dave Aren’s coil winder. It’s terrific
for anyone out there making lots of jumprings. I also have his
koil kutter which has saved me hours of messy sawing. His dowels
are great too. I recommend his tools to everyone (no relationship
except very satisfied customer). Just one request Dave, do you
think you can create dowels from 22/32 to 1 inch that will fit the

Have a great weekend,


rita i purchased a beehive about 2 years ago in nyc at a place
called metaliferous. i dont have the number but they are on 46th or
47th st in manhatten. it doesnt have a brand name but it works
pretty well for granulation. for fusing rings i would still use a
charcoal block. let me know how you made out. sb in atlanta

Rita" Rio grande has one and so does Metaliferous in N.Y.(Sorry I
don’t have their phone# handy but i will try to get it to you
asap.) I have one and find it very handy–good for heating up a
large piece in order to solder findings on ( works wirh Sterling
also) and for granulation. Sandra/Elegant Bee ( from NY where
the dafoldils and forsythia are blooming at least a month too