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Beautiful Silver tray......wwho buys thingsa like this?

Enter the details of your question I have a beautiful and large sterling tray that I must sell for a customer. It has a large and cool hand engraved Crest in the middle of it. I would like this item to have a longer life. Yes, I could sell it for melt and loose yet another pretty thing but I need a buyer. Does anyone have a name of silver purchasers who are knowledgeable?

I may be able to help you, can you send a picture of the front and back.

If you can help Both my customer would love it.
Eric Walls

Hi Eric,
A bit quick googling found this page which shows that the arms engraved are those of the Reynolds Family Association, and that they were adopted in 1901. This at least gives a terminus post quem for the engraving.
Here is the relevant web page:
Also, say hi to Julie for me.

Contact They buy and resell fine silver, crystal and china. Otherwise most folks will just give you scrap value. The Sterling marking makes it likely that it’s American silver. Looks like it may be Watson and Co.
Looks like it was made after 1915
The monogram will make it a harder sell.
Jo Haemer

Thank you!

You should contact Beverly Bremer in Atlanta. They are silver experts.

Website wouldn’t let me edit my previous post so here is additional information:

Email their buyer, Sara, at with photos and your contact information and she will get back to you

How about contacting the Reynolds Family?


    June 14

How about contacting the Reynolds Family?

Jeff Herman can remove the family crest. He does it by filling it in with a PUK and then finishing it flat - does not thin the metal. - he has done work for me - a remarkable talent.

Hi, what is “PUK” ?

I buy things like that if you still have the tray and still want to sell it let me know a price.



Sorry i don’t understand your question. Please provide details on the tray if it is still available,


Joe Rofrano

I looked up PUK, since I didn’t know what it was either, and lo and behold, found the following:

(updated 5/16/2016)

Lampert Technical Papers
(updated 9.9.2016)

PUK04 Welder Settings
Download settings here
(updated 8/25/2014)

PUK Blog
(updated 2/20/2018)

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