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Beal of jewelry loupe


Beautiful job!

thanks dana i have beeen workink on this piece for a while

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wow! amazing work! so unique!

may i ask? what is this interesting looking piece of equipment? a vise?

it looks…elegant!

yea is a ball vise or work positioner to make filing easy

you can mount a small vise on top and you can position your work 360 degres and lock it at any point and you can file all your parts .

At the jeweler’s bench we use our hands as vises. Building up the strength in one’s non-dominant hand is essential for a jeweler. If you’re right-handed, your left hand is your vise. Vice versa for Southpaws.
Having to clamp work in a vise just to do filing and other simple manual processes is a big wast of time.

I dont agreed with you on that one if you are filing a ring or a biger piece yea its ok if you are holding it with both hands but when you are doing certain small parts is better to clamp it using a small vise or a clamp to make sure the piece is steady and it wont move specially if you have arthritis like me i dont have the strenght to hold little parts perfectly flat or straight so a small vice is a perfect tool to help you adjusting small parts when you are using scapement files , thats my particular opinion acordong to what i have done in the past


Arthritis in the hands changes everything.
Perhaps look into getting or making a guillotine clamp to help in holding very small pieces.
This video from Van Cleef shows how to use one for small parts when cutting mise-à-jour.


sounds great i am going to watch the video thanks elliot