Beadwork question - tubular peyote stitch

Hello Orchidians, Quick beadwork question. Can anyone suggest some
good books or publications for a beginner to learn the tubular peyote
stitch. Most of the books I have seen have instructions for their
own projects but I am looking for good basic instructions to apply to
my own designs. . . . the kind that don’t leave out steps or make
assumptions of prior knowledge. Look forward to your suggestions.



There are many books that will explain the tubular peyote stitch
(which is very easy to learn by the way) What I would recommend is
either of Carol Wilcox Wells’ books (The Art and Elegance of
Beadweaving, or Creative Bead Weaving) both of these books will
teach you about the tubular peyote as well as tubular brick, tubular
herringbone, tubular square stitch, tubular right-angle weave,
african helix, and some other variations.

Both books do have projects in them as well, but the instructional
pages that preceed the projects are great. Not to mention the photos
of Ms Wells work as well as those of many of the major contemporary

I would purchase Creative Bead Weaving first and if you like her
style of teaching I would get the second book as well. The first one
really hits on the basics and the second takes the basics in new
directions. But both are very inspiring.

I honestly don’t think that you would need a whole book dedicated to
peyote. There sre some out there, but since you mention the tubular
form, there are a wealth of different tubular structures that you
might want to try out as well.

If you need any further do not hesitate to contact me
off list. I am a book and magazine junkie with a ridiculous library
with quite a few beading books.

Have fun. Beading is very theraputic.


Hello Grace,

In a previous life I owned beads stores in Sedona, Arizona and New
Mexico. I taught many many beadwork classes, including tubular
peyote. I don’t know that you would need an entire book to learn the
one stitch, but of course there are many variations that look like
tubular peyote and are something else (tubular lattice, tubular
brick, right angle tubular, etc). But since you say you want a good
basic instruction I did a quick search on google for you and here is
a link to a instructions that I believe will fulfill your wish:
Beltana's Beads--Tubular Peyote Stitch I looked over the
instructions and I believe these will provide you what you are
looking for…good clear instructions for a plain old tubular



try this link for lots of patterns and links to other beading sites.


Can anyone suggest some good books or publications for a beginner
to learn the tubular peyote stitch.  

Hi Grace,

A little book I have that uses Peyote Stitch for some earrings
suggests another book for general info on this technique called “The
Techniques of North American Indian Beadwork” by Monte Smith ISBN


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Grace - One good book is Creative Bead Weaving by Carol Wilcox Wells.
Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions. If you
live in or near San Francisco I’d be more than happy to give you
in-person help and instruction. I’ve done a lot of bead-weaving,
and peyote is my favorite stitch.


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I tried learning peyote from several books including Carol Wilcox
Wells’ books; however the absolute best one I found; especially if
need good sized visuals, is Barbara L. Grainer’s Peyote At Last: A
Peyote Primer. The illustrations are oversized and clearly show the
direction of the thread between each bead; particularly helpful when
making turns.

Peyote At Last!
(Subtitle: a peyote beadwork primer)
Barbara Grainger 1993, 2nd edition
Barbara L. Grainger P.O. Box 5264
Oregon City, OR 97045 
71 pages illustrated $17.95 ppd.

There is also an online set of instructions using Barb’s method at:

good luck - it’s a great stitch
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aka Syd

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