[Beads] Glass Beads

please can any help me, my son is 10 on saturday 15th July 2000 and
has been very ill all his life. He is alergic to so many things life
is very hard for him. He spends most of his time reading. I am
making amulet bags and chockers etc in order to raise funds to send
him to America where there is a injection that will help him lead a
normal life.

I am asking people if they have any glass beads they do not want so
that my mother in law and myself can turn them into jewellery to raise
the money for his treatment. Please can you help me. If you want to
send small amounts of money for us to purchase beads etc our address
is listed below. We are very poor and only have after paying the bills
a very small amount of money left is over which we send each week to
the Allergy Society to help find cure for children like Michael.

Our address is Rafters Skipton Road Farnhill Near Keighley North
Yorkshire England. Telephone number 01535 637624 email

please help michael with any beads or stone you do not want.
Thank you