Beads & chain

Aloha Everyone, I know this answer comes late in the list of topics
but if I understand you correctly, it is possible to connect a
string of beads to a chain necklace? Yes. There are a variety of
ways to do this depending on what you mean by your statement,
“string of beads” which needs to be attached to a chain.

Is this a literal statement of STRING? If yes, then you can use wire
to wrap and attach the string to the chain. Make a U shape in the
string, wrap wire around it, using a round nose plier, use one end of
the wire to make a jump ring, loop it through the chain, and twist at
the center carefully. This has worked for me.

  • If the string of beads you are speaking about are large enough to
    be strung on a light gauge wire, then string the beads on a wire,
    make a large, smooth curve, at each end of the wire, make a jump
    ring, and attach it to the chain.

  • You can also use a beading cable, string your beads together, use
    a bead cap at each end, string a handmade head pin, string your
    cable through the head pin’s eye, knot it well, drop a bit of glue
    on it, have the head pin showing through the other side of the bead
    cap, and then attach it to the chain. * Should you have any more
    questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. Designing
    one of a kind necklaces with different mediums used to make the
    design eye catching is what we do best. WaynetteDesigner HQCE

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