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[Beads] Beads need reincarnation

Hi I have enjoyed reading the mail about beading. I have some gorgeous
“hippie” necklaces, very long unusually strung collections of really
fantastic beads .I used to go to Tucson in Feb and collected some
wonderful beads. I want to reconstruct them to be three graduating
strands on one necklace.They will work better with the new opal and
silver necklace line. I’d like to find a bead artist with experience
in this to help me restring the beads and find or make a beautiful
clasp. If you’d like to do that type of work e mail me. I found two
wonderful people through orchid on the necklace project, what a wealth
of talent and is.Thanks. There are pictures of some of the
beads on my website.

Today is Bob Dylan’s Birthday
" In this age of fiberglass I am looking for a gem."
Happy Birthday Bob

Wendy Gell