Beading up silver next to a pearl or stone

Hello All, I have seen many designs with a beaded up piece of silver
on both sides of a pearl or stone bead and have tried to do it myself
only to have the pearl explode or I cannot get the silver to bead up
because I have used a heat sink to protect the pearl and so the
silver will not bead up. I hope this listing makes sense.

As always, Thank you!!
Ann Madland

Should really do that before you set your stone. I have used a
thermal blanket to protect a pearl for minor repair…pearls do not
like the heat. And as the same when filing a pearl, your sand-paper
etc should be wet… avoid inhaling the dust as well as the fumes
from a burning pearl.


Hi Ann,

Try cutting the individual wires for each end, balling the ends,
then use 2 part epoxy to secure them in the pearl drill holes.


probably metal clay or bead the silver first then install the pearl,
stone etc. using the “beads” to work as prongs, or a screw (if you
had drilled the pearl to take the silver screw soldered to the ball
before closing the silver, or whatever on the opposite side of the
drilled pearl…rer