Beading cords, knots, etc. help

Hi Folks,

I know that there are a ‘zillion’ bead stringers on the list and
I need to ask for some help. From what I have learned, the
combinations of bead style, color, material and size appear to
be endless. The manner of their stringing (needle,stiffened
cord,etc.), the proper string material for the beads being used
(silk, ‘tigertail’, etc.), the knots and clasps and so forth, in
short, I need to find a source for this nuts and bolts info. I
was given "The Book “B.E.A.D.S” by Janet Coles and Robert
Budwig. It is a marvelous compendium of bead types, styles, and
materials but it is not what I need. I also need to find a
source for quality semi-precious gem beads (malachite,
lapis,etc.) with the best prices. I know about Rio, and Indian,
but are there suppliers who are dedicated only to beads? Any
help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me off list if you
wish. Thanks.

Warmest Regards,


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Hi Hansgraf,

Here’s some info. that I hope will help you: I was just at the
IFBS show in NYC and bought some strands of tourmaline, crystal,
etc. from BBS Jewelers who are located at 303 Fifth Avenue in
NYC. I don’t have their number offhand, but their prices seemed
to be the best at the cash-and-carry booths and they had good

In terms of the bead stringing tools, Metalliferous in NYC
(212-944-0909) can probably help you there, and Rio Grande also
has a good introductory bead-stringing kit with all the tools
you’ll need, except the beads and the silk string.

Hope this helps a bit, and good luck!

Hi Skip, My favorite source for beads is TAJ company. They are
based in NY. They do the Tucson show among other gem shows. Very
nice and the best prices you will find anywhere. They have all
types of gemstone beads and pearls. phone is 212-944-6330 and fax
212-944-6366 They have email but I can’t find it at the moment.
They aren’t really set up computer wise with a website yet but
they are working on it. I use a paperclip with the one end wire
pulled out to a 45 degree angle to pull my knots close. Also, I
visit the local bait/tackle shop to get my string. Same string
(same brand!!!) but way cheaper than the stuff sold for jewelry.
They use it for tying flies. And the final tip. Clear fingernail
polish works great to seal the knot at the end.

Have fun.

Skip - try the local gem shows - Lapidary Journal Magizine has
all of the listings for the shows - look for one in your area
good source for findings, stones and whatever you may need, I
belong to the Santa Cruz Mineral & Gem Assoc. I am on the board
of directors & we try to have a good assortment of dealers at our
shows to cover the needs of novice as well as the professionals,
besides they are fun and a great bunch of people. Fire mountain
in Oregon has nice beads also PH# 1-800-423-2319 - good catalog