Beading-based tours to Asia

Hello Orchid!

I have been an off and on member of Orchid for a few years and love
the community and wealth of knowledge available here. My name is
Laura Gasparrini, and I’m the principle designer of Om Tara! Temple
Arts and create inspired adornment for women. I teach beadwork at
our local community college adult division and through private
classes as well. Currently I am in the process of creating
beading-based tours to Asia and other parts of the world in
connection with my husband’s tour business - he is from Bhutan and
leads tours there. My work is quite diverse while centered around
the art of adornment, the beauty of metal, pearls and stone and the
great opportunity to share my love of beadwork and creative
expression with others.

I am writing to ask for any suggestions of reputable gem markets for
gemstone beads and places to buy hill tribes silver in Bangkok. I
have been to Bangkok three times now, once for a weeks stay and
twice as a stopover on our way to Bhutan. I am planning on bringing
a group of students this spring, and they are interested in silks,
pearls and thai silver. Any suggestions of markets,
places of interest, accommodations and things to keep in mind would
be greatly appreciated!

I am looking forward to our ongoing communications! And thanks! -