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Bead store in Sacramento/Folsom California area?

Hi All- I have a student who is interested in finding a bead store in
the Sacramento/Folsom area. She is also interested in taking classes
regarding beading and making simple beaded jewelry. Any

Thank you!
-Iris Sandkuhler
San Francisco Bay Area

Not to be missed is Gypsy Wind beads in Auburn. Though they are not
the largest, nor do they offer classes…their collection of vintage
beads are not surpassed…and the couple that own the place are just
the nicest…

Good Luck
Lynn’s Jewelry
2434 E. Main Street
Ventura, CA 93003

Hi Iris, There is a bead store in Sacramento called U-Bead It. It’s
located at 2525 Yorktown which is near the corner of Watt and El
Camino. (916) 488-2323. I called over there and they have a
beginning jewelry class that will teach you to make a beaded
necklace on Nov. 22 for $20.00 plus supplies. Also a class on a
Crystal Star Bead on Nov 29 also $20.00 plus supplies.


Iris, your student may be interested in visiting Pacific Western
Traders on Wool Street in the town of Folsom. She will find some
beadmaking supplies there, and I have purchased turquoise for stone
setting there in the past but also she’ll see a good amount of
finished artwork, including jewelry, of mostly Californian but also
other Far West Native American artists. It’s a great place to
visit, and considered by many to be a local treasure.

I must say that I am pretty disappointed to read that Gypsy Wind of
Auburn is no longer offering classes! I learned my very first
"official" jewelry making skills there in one of their bead
stringing (knotting) classes in the early 90’s. Our instructor,
Nancy Leitch, also taught silversmithing at Sierra College (the
local community college) and so I went from bead stringing at Gypsy
Wind on to Silversmithing I and II at Sierra.

– Constance