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Bead Setting, Bright Cutting & the older Student

Hi All, …Letters from Jewelery Boot Camp.

I enjoy mail from Mr. John Burgess about bead setting , He has a a
delightfull way of making complex ideas clearer. There is another
series of leters about Bench Height. I have followed this with
interest. Perhaps a short narative will add something to all of these

I am in my third semester at TIJT in Paris Texas. This is our stone
setting class. And I have just set my first bright cut stone. Not
elegent, just Brass and and a C Z but , I hope, acceptable . As our
work is to be finished to nationally accepted industry standards I am
including the following site. This
is an excelent site which I use on a regular basis . This is what I am
being trained for . Next spring , after the fourth semester spent
working with gold, I will take the test .

After we had mounted and shortened our gravers to the correct length ,
then had ground these gravers as described in out text Book "
Diamond Setting " by Robert Wooding, we were told to sharpen them to
the correct angle. One sentence to discribe something akin to Barnam &
Bailey hosting the Chinese National Circus occured in our class room.
< Grin > Later, I was invited over to join my classmates who were
having a " Graver Sharpening Party " I answered the phone with a
graver in my hand and Pink Floyd on the stereo . Yes I can cope !

I had several aids which helped me First and foremost was the patience
and proding of our instructors here at Jewelery Boot Camp See the
following site for the school and the links Second was the excelent physical facilities which we have
to use . Now to address the problems and solutions which I and several
other students have encountered.

I have medical conditions which force me to use some aids . The first
condition is that I have arthritus as well as spinal damage. I use an
adjustable chair with five movements ( Seat height, Seat tilt, Seat
depth, Back height, Back tilt . The model is ( HON 7707 ). This
chair has been provided for my use at school through the Americans
with Disabilities Act, the State of Texas and the tireless efforts of
the instructors and administrators here at TIJT. For a better
description of this chair, please see the Orchid / Ganokisn article "
Selecting an orthopedically correct bench chair " 11 Dec 2000 , by
Jimmy Willingham .

Talk with Your doctor. If You have a medical problem, get him to
document it and write you a letter of Medical Necessity. This is
where it all starts. Then if You are going to school , the school or
institution will get a chair from the state. YOU MUST ASK FOR IT.
They will provide it at no cost . USE IT. If You are not going to
school, the State Department of Rehabilation is in the business of
helping disabeled and disadvantaged persons . If You can not afford a
chair, then they will help you buy one. THIS IS NO CHARITY The state
will recoup its investment when You go back to work and begin paying
more taxes.

I am geting ready to buy a chair this month while they are on sale. I
will save nearly 40 % . Ironically some of the money for this chair
will come from the sale of another chair - A dentist chair to be
exact. The chair will not be sufficent by itsself. You must get into
the habit of exercizing and streaching as needed. Do this before You

Other things You can do is ASK for what solutions are available for
Your situation . Suffering in silence just brings more suffering .
One solution which I was offered at TIJT was additional time to
accomplish my class projects. The time was not a great deal , but was
sufficent the first semester to allow me time for my streaching
exercizes while in class . The second semester I did not need any
additional time, but I have asked for it this third semester because
It is like a spare tire. I would rather have the additional time and
not need it, than need additional time and not have it available. ( I
must continue my streaching exercizes ) . For this situation as well,
You must have Your Dr. write a Statment of Medical Necessity. THIS IS

Again I must profusely thank the Faculty, Admisistration, and Staff of
TIJT for the efforts which they have shown in aiding myself and the
other handicapped / disabled students who are going to school here. I
have also recieved much needed and desired support from list members
of Ganoskin. If You qualify for assistance through your state or
federal rehabilation agencies, then look into asking for assistance
for admission to ,and finicial aid for going to TIJT or any other
school of Your choice. I am including the name of the Director of
TIJT. Please note that there are nearly 50 new students this semester
as intrest in this school has grown. If there are any of You out there
who are intrested, Start now. And besides the spring first semester
classes are less crowded…

Teresa Shannon

Director of Jewelry Technology Paris Junior College 2400 Clarksville
St. Paris, Texas 75460 (903) 782-0380 voice (903) 782-0452 FAX e-mail Admission Information

My only connection to TIJT is that of a regular student . I wish to
help others, as I myself , have been helped. If anyone wishes, please
contact me at the following address Robb Powell ,

ROBB - Retired Old Baby Boomer