Bead Burnishing

Dear all I am now in the process of bead-setting 103 diamonds of all
different sizes in an eternity wedding band. I have been thinking of
writing something useful for everyone to know.

Bead burnishing is a process of rounding off the tip of the beads
into a little ball, why is this done? Here are the reasons. By
pressing down and working with a bead-burnisher, this gives strength
to that bead prior to any rough-cutting and then the finer
"bright-cutting" afterwards. Not too mention, it gives a chance for
the bead to be formed by pressing down onto that diamond as well.

While the setter is line-cutting, there will less chance for that
bead to be cut off during the many cutting actions. On each diamond
there will be about 4 beads per stone…so 103 stones by 4, equals
412 individual beads to work on…a very daunting task. I usually take
many breaks in this setting of the stones and bead-burnishing…gotta
keep the mind alert.:slight_smile:

Gerry Lewy