Beach glass source

people - if anyone is still looking for beach glass i came across a
source that has several 100 to 250 piece lots for sale on eBay: - good luck - ive

Bags of “sea glass” can be found in most Craft stores for only a few
dollars. I’ve found: blue, green, yellow, clear --frosty white,
brown, red --actually maroonish . . .I don’t think I paid more than
$3.00 per bag. Nice sized pieces, many flat ones.

Interesting you should mention this subject. I have a friend who has
been collecting beach glass for a number of years in Venice, FL.
Also, there are shops in Venice, where beach glass is sold, along with
sea shells and other trivia, for $.10 a piece regardless of size. If
anyone is going to eBay for it, keep that price in mind. Don at The
Charles Belle Studio where simple elegance IS fine jewelry.