Bay Flex Wheels

Hi! About five years ago I ordered a set of 3 inside ring wheels
made of compressed wood with grit imbedded in it in fine, medium and
corse grades. These are mounted on 1/8 in shanks for the flex shaft.
At one time 20 or so years ago I heard these referred to as Bay Flex
wheels. I have been over every catalog of every jewelry and abrasive
suppliers I could find and I can not find a source for these. The
closest thing I have found is a wheel made by 3m which is a hard
rubber abbrasive. I like the Bay Flex wheels as they are much
cleaner and last forever (well almost). I would appreciate any info
anyone might have on suppliers of these wheels.

Michelle Reger- Minneapolis


I have not heard of Bay Flex Wheels and have been ‘in the business’
for over 30 years. However…as an alternative, I would suggest you
make one (or more). When lapidarys carve, they often have to make a
wheel to fit a specific need. Wood is a common material as it holds
the diamond compound well and can be shaped and reshaped.

Suggest you find a hard wood dowel at the local art or hardware
store, Drill a hole in the exact center of one end and epoxy in a
shaft (maybe from a broken bur). Now, to shape it, simply put it into
your flex shaft and hold it against a file and then sand paper till
it is the shape you want. Purchase some diamond compound or powder
from a lapidary supplier (DisclosuRe: I work at the Graves Company
and we have all kinds of diamond products…go to If compound apply directly to the surface of
the wood and hold it against a piece of smooth agate to work it in.
If powder, mix with a bit of olive oil and work it in the same.

You can add diamond anytime you want, vary the grit to get different
cuts, and they should last a very long time.

Those with a mini-lathe can cut very fancy shapes as well. Larger
wheels can be made with larger pieces of wood cut at your friendly
cabinet maker. You might also check there for some cabinet door
knobs…they have great shapes and work vedry well.

Good cutting (or polishing) and cheers from Don at The Charles Belle
Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!

That sounds like something made by Bay State Abrasives who are gone
and now are part of: - They
don’t seem to have anything like you want.