Battery Cover Digital Calipers

Probably a long shot but does anyone know who the manufacturer is of the electronic digital calipers sold by A&A Jewelry Supply in LA (Item 51-335)? I need a new battery cover. It’s been working fine without but has suddenly started to act up. Battery is new so I suspect I need to find a replacement cover. A&A has no idea who the manufacturer is so if anyone can help me out here, I’m all ears.

Have a productive week everyone.

Ellen Lyons
Ellen Lyons Jewelry Designs
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I checked their website, but the image quality was too bad.
There seems to be some text on it.
Since you have the item at hand, aren’t there a producer name or some other information on it?
Regards Per-Ove

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Thank you for trying to help. But you’ve given me a new idea how to maybe find out. Thanks

Live with what you have or buy a new one. Following is a link to what Rio has to offer. I bought mine from Otto Frei on sale for $10 years ago. Good luck…Rob

Thanks Rob. I found a replacement cover on Ebay. Less than $7.00!

Ellen Lyons