Basics in gemstone setting

What are the absolute basics in learning how to set stones? The answer is easy, my student must know how to clean any remnants of castings around the claws.
There is no other time than now to remove these little bits of metal. If the stone has been set, it’s then too late. He will have many types of rings to practice on, once the ring is basically clean, I will put the rings into my “steel-shot, magnetic tumbler!” In 1/2 hour, all of the rings will be clean and ready for setting!!.:wink:

The “cleaning” will be using #180 grit & #1,000 grit pumice wheels. As I don’t have a cloth-wheel polishing machine, suffice to say, what I have at my setting-bench is good enough for now.

I will like to further explain this learning process as the weeks continue.

Gerry, on my iPhone